The Amazing Geneva

During a week, I went to one of the most amazing European countries, rich by its diversity, between France, Italy and Germany, this country has italian, french and german as main languages, this country is… Switzerland.

I went to Geneva for an accurate aim which is participating at the model of the United Nations organized by Ferney Voltaire High School under the name of FERMUN2016 but it didn’t stop me from visiting the city on my own. My job there was journalist, which I think shouldn’t really be surprising for you. This model of the United Nations started on January 13 and sadly ended on January 15. Why sadly? Because we had created a special relation between us, we infact felt that we knew each others since forever but we actually knew each other only for 3 days.During that time, I’ve been writing articles about the latest news with other students in the amazing Press Room of the WMO from where we had a stunning view on the Geneva Lake (Le Léman). In my opinion, participating in FerMUN wasn’t only an opportunity to improve my writing skills, but it was also an opportunity to meet new people from different nationalities who I will never forget.

Beside my participation in FerMUN, I spent an amazing time with my friends hanging out around Geneva, from 8am untill 10pm without any break! We basically did the tour of Geneva within a week, no place was left: The Palace of the UN, The Red Cross Museum, Les Bains de Pâquis, St-Pierre Cathedral..and I still think that Geneva has a lot to offer..

Geneva is clearly one of the best cities I’ve ever been to, because on the first hand, it’s rich by its culture and on the other hand, it’s a very modern city with a huge importance for the eyes world..

If you want to check out the articles I wrote about the ‘Avalanche In The Deux Alpes’click here or if you want to read the article about ‘The Second Attack in Turkey In Less Than Four Months’ click here! Thanks again to Julia for the help and to Sarah for the translation!

PS: Because I have a lot of pictures, I’ll be posting them step by step




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