A Return To The Origins

I know I haven’t been writing since ages but I was really busy with all of the work I had! I am currently in my last year of High School which has a huge impact on my entire life.

So during last summer, I didn’t go to Ibiza as cool people do, or to Bahamas, or even to Europe.. I went to Asilah. You might ask yourself “What the hell is Asilah?”, I know it’s not the most famous city or the coolest one but it is the city where my origins are. This little city in the North of Morocco whose people’s second language is Spanish contrary to other southern cities of Morocco whose people mostly speak French, might seem so boring or typical to you, but it is a city full of good memories to me as I used to go there since my childhood. Asilah is known by its street art and the artsy people as well (that explains my love towards art). In fact, wherever you go, you will find some positive quotes paint in walls or colorful paintings that will make you see life in a positive way. The place I like the most in this little town is the old medina which means the old town, where I saw for the first time, the house where my grand mother was born.

Plus that, I had the opportunity to meet my childhood friends who live in the Netherlands but come as often as I do to Asilah to remember their origins. However, we didn’t stop in Asilah, we also went to a city called Tanger which is the most famous city of the North of Morocco and we also visited Martil which is famous for its beautiful beach, Cabo Negro from where you can see the narrow country: Spain. We were so close to Spain that I was even able to catch “Vodafone España ” which is amazing!

To make it short, I didn’t need to go to a very cool place as the people would say to have fun, I really had fun re-visiting my country. I think there is always something new to see in the beautiful city of Asilah.


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