A Day In The Middle Of Nowhere

Last Sunday, my family decided to lose herself in Nature, that was a really good idea because, as we all know, stress of work leads to negative thoughts and sometimes to sickness, so it was a good way to regain good energy.

We really went to the middle of nowhere, literally. The place was near a forest and far from the city I live in. We were we in the middle of nowhere as I previously said, but the landscape was beautiful, I thought to take some photos representative of Nature, including myself (I know this has no sense), which reminded me of how Nature is needed to regain strength and feel appeased. It’s sad that Nature disappears as time flows, because of the overpopulation and the growing cities, but I have one advice for you: Enjoy Nature as long as it’s still there!

Therefore, I’d love to receive photos of Nature taken by you! I’ll be really interested to know what type of Nature, you like! You can send me the picture on the following e-mail: mileysgallery@gmail.com

I hope you’ll like this mini gallery!


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  1. ncmerrill03 says:

    I really love your blog! Great photos and posts! Would you care to check out mine? I just made it and I want to get it started. 🙂


    1. thanks and sure I will!


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