How to relax

Before sharing this content, I’d first of all, thank all of you for checking out my website. I was really surprised to see I had more than 80 views in a short time, thank you, really.

Nowadays, being stressed, anxious, or under pressure is not rare. In fact, we might feel it in different cases and moments, so are the ways to chase it away, and that’s what I want to share with you.

People have different ways to take it away: some have to do sports, others have to cook or read, etc..

I can say that I belong to the 3rd category, I like reading as I love all forms of Art. How to relax depends on the person’s personality. In my case, I relax by meditating. Whenever I’m stessed or anxious, I usually proceed like this:

I go to my bedroom and close the door, as I make sure that I’m alone and nobody has to interrupt me.

Lit up candles, and burn an incence stick for a beautiful smell.

Switch off the lights or draw the curtains if there’s sun.

Sit down, close my eyes, and imagine that my head is empty, as if there was nothing, not even how much time will it take me to relax. I literally stop thinking about everything.

Then, I think about beautiful things, things I want to have or do, places where I wish I was etc..

 When I’m finally ready to face reality, I open my eyes.

As I said before, how to relax depends on the person, but I think that how I proceed is applicable for all types of personalities: my friends tried it and it worked for them all, they all felt what I felt after finishing it. You’ll feel empty of any type of stress or anxiety or of whatever disturbs you mentally, I can garantee that. Plus, I recommend you to take a shower before and wear loose clothes, it will help you to feel free and serene.

I hope that you liked this post and that this will help you to feel better. Don’t hesitate to share with me your method to relax or your opinion about mine, it doesn’t matter if it’s bad or good, I would love to see what did you feel after relaxing with my method.


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    1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked it!


    2. marjorieann1 says:

      I’ve been reading your posts really like this one. I sometimes relax in a similar way. I’ll keep reading. Will you visit my blog?

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      1. Thanks! Sure it would be a pleasure to visit your blog


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